Basti is intended to serve the purpose of enema and is performed by drawing water inside through anus, churning it within the intestines and to pass out the accumulation of faeces from the intestinal canal. It helps cure such ailments as are the result of excessive heat in the body, ailments like piles etc.

Bastic Kriya is beneficial in many ways. It is useful in the purification of our intestines & Apan Vayu, it removes constipation and the disorders of the stomach, it accelerates appetite.

It eliminates excessive weight and obesity.

It is an important exercise in expelling excess accumulated bile from our body.


This kriya requires a tube, may be a bamboo tube 6 inches long, with two holes at the either end of it. At the one end the hole should be so big as our little finger can easily pass through it, and at the other end it shall be so wide as our fourth finger (anamical) can easily pass through it. Insert the tube about 3-4 inches into the anus from the small hole and. Contract the anus. Draw the water into the intestines slowly. Shake the abdominal muscles and expel the water out. If you repeat this kriya again and again, it will surely purify the intestines.


This is a modern and an important technique. The basti kriya is done by means of a special enema syringe. Take 250-500 grams of fresh water. Fill the syringe with it. Keep it at a higher altitude and lie supine with your face upwards. Insert the nozzle into the anus. Open the water pipe & draw the water into the anus. Draw the nozzle out and squeeze the anus by applying Moolbandh. Massage your stomach with both hands & shake the abdominal muscles repeatedly. Now take a turn towards the left and squeeze the stomach again & again. Allow the water to remain inside for atleast 3 minutes & then get ready for excretion without applying any pressure.

Special Note

  1. If you feel any difficulty the nozzle into anus, apply a few drops of mustard oil, both on the nozzle end and the anus.
  2. Insert the nozzle into the anus, when water is flowing, so that the air can pass out of it.
  3. At the end wash the nozzle with soap and clean it thoroughly.
  4. Make use of this yogic enema after you answer the call of nature in the morning.

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