Circulatory System’s entire function of blood circulation is based upon the respiratory system. The main organs of the Circulatory System are :

  1. Heart
  2. Lungs
  3. Archon Aorta
  4. Arteries
  5. Veins
  6. Capillaries

Our heart is located on the left side in the middle of lungs. It pumps blood into the body through the blood tubules. This process goes on continuously from birth to death. Such a marvelous pump that remains active for at least a hundred years, can hardly be found anywhere in the world. There are three kinds of capillaries (blood carriers)  in our body :

  1. Arteries: They carry pure blood from the heart to the body. The pressure exerted by the contraction of the heart (when it beats) continuous to remain in the arteries.
  2. Veins: They carry impure blood from the body to the heart.
  3. Capillaries: They are extremely subtle in nature. Passing deep into the tissues they are connected with the cells of the body. It is the job of the capillaries to bring with them. Oxygen, nutritive elements, and hormones etc. through the medium of the blood and again to mix with blood such excretory substances as carbon dioxide produced by these cells.

As regards the veins they supply blood to the Auricle located at the right chamber of the heart through the medium of super veins. The oxygenated pure blood reaches the upper chamber, Auricle located in the left side of the heart through the medium of veins in the lungs. Impure blood enters into the right ventricle by opening the one-sided valve of the right chamber and thereafter it reaches the lungs in order to get oxygenated by the arteries of the lungs. At the same time, oxygenated blood pushed into the left ventricle from the left chamber and therefrom into the outer artery.

From the aorta, the pureblood passes through small & big arteries and finally reaches the entire body through the medium of very subtle cells.

Red blood granules that carry oxygen enter micro-capillaries one by one in a line. They supply oxygen to the cells and receive carbon dioxide from them.

Thus there are two main processes of blood circulation :

(1) All round blood circulation i.e. blood circulation taking place in the entire body and

(2) Blood circulation in the lungs: i.e. blood circulation from lungs to the heart & from the heart to the lungs.

Prior to each heart-beat, both the chambers contract and thereafter both the ventricles also contract. As a result, the blood starts flowing out & both the chambers get relaxed. This way they receive the blood from both sides & it is thus that the purification and distribution of blood fake place in our body through the medium of the heart.

For the proper functioning of the heart, it is necessary that it receives a sufficient quantity of blood. As a matter of fact, the heart needs ten times the quantity of blood required by other organs. Ordinarily, the body cells also get their nourishment through the medium of blood that reaches them. It should also be noted that the heart does not get any nourishment from the blood that gathers in large quantity in its chambers and ventricles. There is a special arrangement for the nourishment of the heart. The two coronaries of the heart, branching out of the Aorta pass by its left and right side and rising upwards spread around it in branches and sub-branches. These arteries nourish the entire heart through the medium of blood. If by any reason these arteries are blocked either partially or fully the heart will not receive sufficient quantity of nourishment.

Special Note

Between two beats, the heart takes rest. Yog, therefore, teaches us the technique to increase the duration of rest. Simultaneously by the control of breath and the capacity to make if deeper and deeper, the circulation of blood becomes normal in all parts of the body. Deep breathing is done mainly in three parts of the body.

Breathing up to the upper part of the lungs: With this type of breathing nourishment of blood takes place in our neck, head and hands. Due to the lack of air in this part, the cells of the brain become weak. As a result, deafness, weakness of the eye-sight, headache, tension and such like ailments take place.

In this way, deep breathing can be done only by the person, who practices Yogasans and Panayam every day without fail. This is the real secret of a person who enjoys a sound health and a disease-free life.

In the end, we would like to mention an important point. It is that the expansion and contraction of the heart are caused by Pran, the vital energy in man. Here again, it is possible to control it with the practice of Pranayam only. This vital organ, namely the Heart can be kept healthy by the different practices of Yoga.

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