Excretory System controls the excretion of waste matter from the body is far more important than the consumption of food. The acid that mixes with the food for its digestion has necessarily to come out after the digestion process is complete. This important function is performed by the kidneys in our body system.

Kidneys: They are located on both sides of the vertebral column in the stomach below the diaphragm. They filter approximately double the quantity of blood in the body in a single day. What is most surprising is that in the process of purification or filtration, red corpuscles (particles) of blood, essential blood proteins, and vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and hormones do not filter from the blood, but are returned to the blood itself. This way the entire waste product goes out of the body through urine in the form of urea and uric acid. Besides this, the important function of the kidneys are :

  • To help the formation of red blood corpuscles.
  • To maintain the balance of water in the body.
  • To prevent too much acidity or alkaline element in the blood.
  • Organs connected with the kidneys are Ureters, Bladder and Urethra.

Prostate Gland: It is located below the bladder. Urethra passes through the mid of this gland. In this gland, there are some glandular tissues & some involuntary muscles. The glandular tissues release a kind of secretion which is supposed to work as a lubricant for spermatozoa.

Seminal Gland: This is located behind the bladder and also called testicles. It has the shape of a bag. It discharges a thick fluid called semen. Yogins do not let it go waste as it is like an invaluable gem in our body. Through the practice of some special Yoga techniques they make it rise upwards.

Besides this, there are many other means by which the waste matter goes on excreting continuously from our body. As a result, our body remains free from disease and health. There are :

  1. Perspiration from the pores of the skin.
  2. The outlet of phlegm from the mouth.
  3. Oozing of dirty fluid from the eyes.
  4. Discharge of foreign matter from the ear and
  5. Waste matter released by the nostrils in the form of bile and carbon dioxide.

Special Note

The excretion capacity of our excretory organs is toned up by Yog, as a result of which no waste matter gets stuck up in the body. Semen in the seminal gland is preserved and converted into ‘Ojas’ (lustre) and Tejas (radiance) on the face of a person.

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