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Sit in Padmasan or any other meditative pose, keep the neck and spine straight with the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra pose. Open the eye. Now moving the pupils up look at the central point between the eye-brows where sacred mark (Tilak or Bandi) is put. Then look down on the tip of the nose. Thereafter without moving the neck go on moving the pupils up and down simultaneously first slowly and then briskly 15 times. Close the eyes gently to provide rest.


Open the eyes. Now move the eye pupils towards the right and left side 15 time without moving the neck. In order to make this movement effective, you should practice this in such a way as if the pupils are looking at the left and the right ear. It will help in determining the distance between the left and the right points. First move the eye-pupils slowly and afterwards quickly. Close the eyes gently to provide rest.


Open the eyes. Like the needles of a watch rotate the eye-balls in a circular movement 15 times. Keep the neck straight. Close your eyes gently and take rest. Open the eyes again, rotate the eyes anti-clock-wise in the reverse direction for 15 times. Close the eyes to provide rest. When mastery is attained over this practice on either side, rotate the eyes simultaneously one after the other on both sides.

TRATAK (Far & Near Movement of the Eyes)

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