Just as the whole universe is seen in the light of the sun likewise, the whole world is seen with the eyes. Eyes, therefore, are an element of the sun in the body. Beauty, emotion and attraction lie in the eye. It is, therefore of prime importance to keep the eyes neat and healthy. Eyes are the guiding star of the success in life.

Healthy eyesight alone will guide where to keep the food. For the maintenance of a healthy eyesight some useful guidelines are given below :

  1. A clear vision and healthy eyesight are a must for the attainment of peace and transquillity of the mind.
  2. Offer water to the sun in such a way that the rays of the sun fall upon the eyes through the mid stream.
  3. Wash the eyes with cold with the help of an eye-wash-cup twice a day in the morning and evening. Washing of eyes with rose-water and triphala water is very beneficial.
  4. Protect the eyes from extreme light or extreme sunlight. Light of a deepak (oil lamp) or candle light is very useful for the eyes.
  5. While reading the book should be at a distance of one and a half feet from the eyes.
  6. While watching a T.V. programme or a film in the cinema hall for a longer duration of time one should do palming or blinking exercises at brief intervals.
  7. Constantly gazing at greenery not only gives relief from fatigue, but also enhances the vision of the eyes.
  8. It is always useful to walk on the dewy grass and washing the toe with cold water.
  9. The practice of Tatak is quite helpful for a healthy eyesight.
  10. Stand up and keep the feet apart. Start swinging left and right without moving the feet.
  11. Do not read in dim light or in a moving or lying on the back.
  12. Eyes remain healthy by cultivating the habit of waking up at early down.
  13. The lustre of the eyes remains intract by the use of Vitamin ‘A’ in the
  14. meals. It is therefore necessary to take a sufficient quantity of carrots, spruted
  15. cereals, green vegetables, sweet fruits and milk which contain a lot of Vitamin ‘A’

Now, such eye-movements as have a deep impact on the bony orbit, eye pupils and their six connected muscles, Retina, Sclera, Comea, Pupul, Optic Nerve, etc. Our eyesight will definitely improve if the different parts for the eye are kept neat and clean.

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