There is a substance known as gelatin that gets stick in our bones. The practice of asans is very helpful in the excretion of this substance, due to which the bones become elastic. When we perform asans, usually we stretch the different organs of the body according to our strength in different postures and thereafter also relax them. As a result, each and every part of our body gets, as it were, bathed in blood. The way blood
circulation reaches every part of our body. Along with it, due to expansion and contraction of the digestive organs which are instrumental in increasing our digestion, also become strong.

One important function of Asans is to activate our glands. Due to an
unobstructed flow of blood from these glands our body become agile and active by blending of harmones, producting of emotional integrity and the controlling of seminal power. If you examine the body seriously, you will notice this is nothing but earth. But is is the vital force, Pran that fills it with life and motion. Breath is the external manifestation of Pran. Continuous inhalation and exhalation is its real base. Controlling and regulating respiratory system is again an important function of Asans. Long an
subtle breadth is very effective in making the body system function in a proper and satisfactory manner. In this series comes our nervous system which is also taken care of by the Asans. The practice of Asans, is in one way or the other, related to our spinal cord, the nervous system and the root nerves emerging from the spine. This entire system is strengthened by Asans.

With the gradual purification of our entire body system, our vital energy or
seminal energy is toned up and it aquires an upward movement. It is also beneficial for
the society at large. Since it enhances our capacity for work which becomes more &
more creative in its nature. With the purity of mind and sharpened of intellect, we are
able to carry out household activities and responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.
Besides, whatever work we undertake to do, we leave it only after we are convined that
it has been completely and successfully carried out.
By now, You must have been convinced that there is no system other than
Yogasan that is essential for the healthy development of our physical, astral and causal
bodies. It has been seen that generally people these days take to Yogasans for the
treatment of diseases and the demonstration of difficult practices in the form of
competition. But to consider Yogasans only as a remedy for ailments is to be deprived
that Asans transform the thoughts and tendencies of a healthy man into noble actions.
They are specially intended to purify the mind as the physical and the astral bodies.
Therefore, there is no reason for shilly shallying if we are convinced that we can reap so
many benefits from Asans.
Here and now let us join any Yog class run under the banner of Bharatiya Yog
Sansthan in any open park close to your residence. This great learning will be imparted
free of cost. This learning alone will make you realize the nature of a complete man or
the constitution of a perfect human being. Remember, if the things are postponed till
tomorrow, the opportunities may be lost for ever.
Suppose anyone is down with some disease for 15 days, it comes to 360 hours.
By the practice of Yog daily for one hour, one spends 365 days in a year. It is obvious
then how much time is saved thereby. Harm caused by the disease and the loss of
health will also be well compensated. A good businessman is one who earns a
handsome profit by investing a small capital. Only a little energy is needed for the
practice of Asans, but its benefits are enormous.
Is there any other activity that gives so much for so little? Please judge for
yourself. You will understand easily that both, qualitatively and quantitatively. It is only
the Yogasans that exercise the highest impact on the three parts of our body the
physical, astral and causal as well as on our Pran and other elements. No other system
can compare with it. Some of the rarest gems that we can add to our treasure are a
sound health, cleanliness, steadiness, agility, happiness of mind, pace, equanimity,
zest, courage, patience etc. etc. To crown all, we get to know what we are in the real
sense of the word. Indeed there is no other system that can shower so many blessings
on us.

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