The development of the body and the soundness of health are dependent on the digestive and exretory systems. A proper functioning of all the organs of the stomach is taken care of by a special technique known as Nauli Kriya. Hence the importance and utility of this technique. Primanly it is intended for regenerating and stimulating the abdominal viscira or gastro intestinal or alimentary system

  1. All the ailments arising from the disorder of Vat, Pitt and Cough are cured by it.
  2. It expels all kinds of first struck in the intestines and cures constipation.
  3. Heaviness of the stomach is reduced. It cures dypepsia and whets (increases) our appetite.
  4. It affects liver, colon and phlegm glands and thereby improves digestive system.
  5. It eradicates altogether th eailments of asthma, urinary organ, gastric disorders, blood pressure, dropsy etc. etc.
  6. It not only gives mental peace, but also inclines us more and more to work.
  7. It relieves from pain in the kidney and stomach.
  8. Seminal ejaculations are stopped by this technique.
  9. It tones up the functioning of Apan and Saman Pran.
  10. Finally it is grealy helpful in awakening our Kundalini power.


Practitioners of Nauli Kriya should first master the techniques of Mool Bandh. Uddiyan Bandh and Jalandhar Bandh. The simplest method to follow is the order.

Agnisar-Uddiyan Bandh-Nauli.S

Do a strong and forcible expiration through the mouth and keep the lungs
completely empty. Draw in and draw out the ebdominal muscles forcibly. This is known as Agnisar Kriya. It has been explained fully in the chapter on Pranayam. Along with it, start doing Uddiyan Bandh for a while. This has also been explained in the chapter on Pranayam.

Stage 2


At this stage Nauli Kriya is practiced either in Vajrasan or in the standing pose or in Padmasan. But the practise of Nauli is done more easily in the standing pose than in the other two poses. We, therefore, shall explain the method in the standing pose, as under :

Stand up, keep the right leg 1.5 feet apart from the left leg. Do a forcible expiration and keep the lungs completely empty. Now contract the abdominal muscles towards the back. This is Uddiyan Bandh. Rest both the hands on the thighs. Now pressing them hard go on moving them up and down by turns. By repeating this practice the Nauli wili start emerging out gradually. By having such gradual pracrice, when right side of the Nauli starts emerging out, take rest and stand for a while. Follow the same practice on the left side too.

Central Nauli

Keep both of the hands on the upper part of the thighs. Exercising pressure with palms move them upto the knees. Now by exhaling fully and loosening abdominal muscles allow the Central Nauli to emerge. Say for a while in this position. Repeat this practice for a few days and the Central Nauli will start emerging.

Stage III

When the practice of emerging the Central Nauli is mastered, start the practice of turning the muscles in a circular way; one hand will remain above and the other hand near the knee, keeping the breadth out, go on churning it up and down and rotating from side to side. Constant practice will yield the desired results.

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