Neti is also an important kriya intended for the purification of the nadis. It is our bounden duty to keep our nostrils clean. Unclean nostrils will lead to irregular breathing and irregular breathing leads to many dangerous ailments.

Sutr Neti

A specially prepared fine piece of thread about 12 inches long is inserted in one nostril and taken out from the mouth. This is known as Neti.

All the veins from the brain to the throat are purified by this kriya.

All the ailments of eye, nose and ear are cured by this technique.

All dirty particles produced by pollution and inhaled inside our body thought our breath such as, dust, smoke and poisonous gasses are explled out by the practice of Neti.

It not only enhances the lustre of our eyes, but removes deafness also.

Phlegn accumulated by bad cold is expelled out and the skull is purified.

Ghee-neti strentherns our gums and makes our teeth healhy.

If prevents formation of cataract in our eyes.

It is very much helpful in curing headache.

We sometimes breathe through the left nostril and sometimes through right
resulting in the sensation of heat or cold in our body system. As a result it
disturbs the balance of our body. Neti is considered as the most essential
exercise in maintaining this balance.

Clean nostrils will lead to clean and regular breath. Regular breathing activities the blood cells, regulates the blood circulation, the digestive system, The nervious system and other system in our body.


Dip the Sutr Neti in clean water. Sit on the feet. Catch hold of the thread as its lower end with the first finger (Tarjani) and the thumb, keeping the right hand above and the left below, as in the picture.

First insert the thread slowly and slowly into the hole of that nosril through which breath Is freely flowing. Pull it up slowly till the thread passing through inner hole touches the throat. Now with the help of the forefinder of the right hand and the middle finger catch hold of the other end of the Neti and take it out slowly. Catch hold of the end of the thread in the mouth with the right hand and the other end of the thread in the nose with the left hand. Pull the Neti in & out gently and slowly three or four times and in
the end pull in out from the mouth.

Now practitioners of this kriya are advised to start this exercise with the help of Rubber Neti or what is called a catheter, as the insertion of it is far more easy and comfortable than the Sutr Neti.

Jal Neti

After cleaning the nostrils with the help of Sutr Neti, there is another easy method of cleaning them, called Jal-Neti.


Jal Neti should be done with warm water in winter and cold water in summer.There s a special kind of Lota with a long nozzle meant for this kriya. Fill it with water.Mix a little salt with it. Sit on the feet. Insert the nozzle into the nostril though which breath flows freely. Now raise the knee on the same side of the nostril & keep the elbow on the knee parallel to the earth. Place the elbow of the second arm on the knee below and the hand of the same arm under the ear, as shown in the picture.

After inserting the tip of the nozzle in the nostril, keep the mouth open. Let the water flow out of the nose. The water will flow out from the other side. While doing neti kriya breathing should be done through the mouth. If mouth is closed water will flow into the breathing canal, which obviously is fraught with danger. Repeat the same kriya though the other nostril also.

Remember that not even a drop of water should remain inside the nose. It is important that the inner sides of the nose must remain neat and clean. For this, breathe out the whole water forcibly with the help of Bhastrika, expel every particle of dirt and water drops from your nose in order to keep it dry.


Dugdh Neti is intended to clean the nose with the help of milk. It has proved to be highly useful and is recommended to be performed after sutr neti.
It provides quick relief to persons suffering from high blood-pressure and heart-attack. Milk which by its nature is bound to produce winds should be boiled with ginger then duly filtered & used. This kriya can cure even tuberculosis. It helps the hair of the nead remain black and arrests greyness.


Drink the lukewarm milk through the nose with the help of lota with nozzle. One hundred grams of milk taken thus is equal to one kg. of milk through the mouth scores of ailemnts are cured completely by this technique.

There is a bunch of Nadis under the space between the two eyebrows, called Trikuti. All impurties accumulted in this bunch are expelled by Jal or Sutr Neti. Dugdh Neti lubricates that bunch. Please note that the entire milk does not remain in the stomach alone. A vital part of it goes to the central part Trikuti, wherefrom it culminates into a power house of shakti, which in its turn, penetrates and nourishes all parts of the brain.

Oil/Ghee/Almond Oil Neti

This technique of Nati is highly useful for the growth of hair and brain. Before or after the practice of other Netis, take a few drops of oil or cow-milk or Badam-Rogan (almond oil) and put them into the nose with the help of a dropper and thereafter draw them deep inside, by drawing the breath. This will remove the dryness of the brain. It will also facilitate the practice of Sutr Neti on the following day.


A detailed discussion of tratak has been give under the tiltes of chittpurification chapters.

Kapal Bhati

It has been explained elesewhere in the book in the chapters on Pranayam. Here we will describe only the fifth technique of Purification Exercises, namely the practice of Nauli.

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