It has been noticed that a very large number of Yog practicant associated with Bharatiya Yog Sansthan have undergone a material change in their life. One practitioner of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi who, suffering from many diseases, wastotally frustrated with his life. He was a non-vegetarian. But only with a few months of the practice of Yogasans his diet and thoughts underwent a change for the better. His thoughts became purer and his diet satwik. The more his body became free from disease, the more his thoughts became noble and virtuous. Service and nobility in behavior brought him manifold success in life. He is not a solitary example. Today
thousands of sahaks are involved in Yog and thereby doing a yeoman’s service to the society at large. If it be not a marvel, what can marvel be like?

Possibility of family planning gains ground by the practice of Yogasans. They enhance our personal beauty and health. Capacity for work gets a fillip. Owing to soundness of health and purity of thoughts the practicant of Yog, instead being a burden on society becomes its benefactor. Being indebted to society in more ways than one, he starts repaying to his society by virtue of his manifold qualities, such as by his simple and balanced life, abstainment from bad habits, feeling of castism, comfortable old age, mental alertness, power of concentration, equanimity of mind, forbearance,
rationality and the attainment of peace & serenity. Thus, from the view-point of social relevance also. Yogasans play an important role.

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