Tadasan is so named as like a palm tree (Tad in Hindi), the position of the body remains straight in the asan. It serves as a link between the sitting and the standing asans. It is useful for all persons in general, but for ladies and children in particular it is most beneficial.

  • Due to traction in 206 bones, caused by this asan, it has proved to be very effective in increasing the height.
  • It removes heaviness of buttocks in females and the obesity of the tummy. When we stretch our body all the nerves in the abdominal region get stretched due to which all the nerves in this region are straightened to their natural position and extra fast on the buttocks and pelvic region in reduced. As a result the body becomes attractive.
  • Owing to the reduction of obesity all the systems of the body i.e. the digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, excretory system, glandular system as well as our blood circulation start functioning in a satisfactory manner.
  • It cures such ailments as arthirites, rheumatism, pain in calves.
  • It energises the heart, activates the lungs and make our shoulders strong.
  • Shivering of hands and feet in old age in stopped.
  • Finally it enthuses the mind and dispels lethargy from the body.


Lie on the back at the asan. Join the heels and toes. Inhaling, stretch the hands backwards to head. Stretch the hand to the maximum of one end and the feet at the other. Hold the breadth for few seconds. Exhaling, relax and return to the original position slowly. Breathe in a normal way. Concentrate on the whole body.

The most important thing to be kept in mind in performing this asan is that the practicant must first inhale the breadth and then stretch the body. Repeat this process twice, but do take rest between the two rounds. That is a must.

This asan can be done in a standing pose also. Inhale and start stretching the arms above the head towards the sky. Raise the heels too. Lace the thumbs of both hands and form a firm lock. Maintain your balance. The benefits of this pose are similar to those in the lying pose and the advantages mentioned above are also the same.


This asan is named after a boat and has derived its inspiration from there. We know that the practice to sitting postures, it is necessary that we make our spine flexible. Navasan has proved to be very useful for this purpose. It brings about the flexibility of the lumber region and the muscles of our legs and feet & thereby is very effective in the improvement of their function, joints become elastic. It dispels lethargy.


Lie down on the back on the asan (dari) Stretch the legs forward, keeping the heels and toes together. Stretch the hands towards the head. The gap between the two hands should be as wide as that of the shoulders. Inhaling now take the legs backward behind the head so much so that the feet touch the ground. Exhaling, bring back the feet slowly and try to touch the forehead with the knees and the toes with the hands. Repeat this at least five times.

It is important to note here that while performing this asan in no case the knees should bend from the beginning to the end. Both the heels and toes should remain fully stretched forward. There should not be laxity in any part of the body. Do not throw down the heels violently on the ground, place them down gently, otherwise it may produce adverse effect on brain. Again there should be no jerks and jolts performing this asan. Keep the body well balanced.

Rest Posture (Sitting)

Among the various kinds of rest postures, this pose is of special importance. Rest is important because.

  • It maintains our capacity for the performance of subsequent asans.
  • It gives relief to the body and helps normalize the breadth.
  • Our nerves and blood vessels are restored to their normal state.
  • The different parts of the body are activated by the impact of asans because of an adequate supply of pure blood and thereby their functional capability is improved greatly.


Straighten both the large and keep these relaxed. Maintain convenient distance between the heels. Place both the hands behind the back. Back and neck be kept straight. Point of concentration : On relaxed body.


After making our spine flexible, if we start practicing such asan that helps in preservation and production of Semen it enhances our capacity to procduce energy. Padangushthsan amply fulfils that purpose. Hence this asan is very useful for our young boys and girls.

  • Owing to the pressure of the heels on the seminal nerve the falling tendency of the semen is topped. Nocturnal ejaculations are no more.
  • Our eyesight remains in tact to its impact on our toes and feet.
  • It help balanced development of the body and self control.
  • Nerves and veins of the feet become strong and elastic.


Sit on the toes in such a way that the heel of the left foot is placed on the seminal nerve in between the anus and the generative organs. Now place the right foot on the thigh of the left leg such a way that the weight of the entire body is balanced on the forefingers of the left foot and particularly on its toe. Now put the right hand on the right knee and left hand on the right ankle in the pose of Gyan Mudra. Breath should be normal. Repeat this by the other foot also.

Point of concentration : Mooladhar Chakra.

Note :

In the initial stage, the new sadhak should maintain the balance of the body by taking the support of the hand. After a few days practice no such support is needed.

The most important point to be kept in mind is that the duration of time in this asan on either side should be equal.

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