Stretch the right hand straight forward. Raise the thumb and close the first with the fingers. Fix the gaze at a point beyond the thumb and slowly bring it closer and closer and fix it now on the thumb. Now bring the thumb close to the centre of the eyebrows & continue gazing at it. Slowly stretch the hand forward and continue fixing the gaze at the thumb. Repeat the process of looking beyond the thumb and at the thumb. Then stretch the hand straight and close the eyes gently to rest.

Important Note

  1. This can also be done in standing position/posture.
  2. It is very useful for short sight and long sight.

At a distance of about 20 feet, fix the gaze, without winking, at any fixed point or the root of a tree, a plant or a stone. After some time, fix the gaze at a nearer point. Bring that point more near to the eye & short gazing at it. Ultimately the point may be fixed on earth in front of the tip of the nose and continue gazing at it without blinking. Again keep the point at a longer distance at the original fixed place and repeat the practice for a few minutes. Then close the eye gently.

With a reasonable advancement in this practice, perform Tratak at a
sufficiently longer distance till a near perfection in this technique is achieved by constant practice.


Fold the palms in the shape of a cup. Put them gently on the eyes in such
a way that the eyes are fully covered. Fingers of the right hand should be placed on the fingers of the left hand. The position of the hands should be such that no light from outside comes inside. Keep the eyes gently closed and imagine a dark room. Stay in this posture for 30 seconds and extend it to one minute. This provides great rest to the eyes, increase the eyesight & will never get fatigued. Whenever feeling of tiredness comes during the day, practice palming. It will provide relief to the eyes.

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