Sthir Skham Asnam-According to the Yog Sutr of Patanjali, two points have been emphasized in the practice of Yogasans Stead fastness and a feeling of joy or happiness. Stead fastness is related to body which is made up of bones, muscles, blood vessels and arteries, nervous system, glands and other ever-active important organs. Along with this the different systems of the body, namely, the digestive, the respiratory and the excretory system etc. also form an important part of the body. The control of all these systems and their harmonious functioning denote the importance of the word
‘Stead fast’. Besides this, the five elements of the gross body earth, water, fire, air and either and their harmonious functioning in our system is also implied by the word ‘Stead fastness’

The word happiness is felt at the mental level. It is therefore, related to the Astral body which is constituted of mind, intellect, ego and chitt (consciousness) Generally the mental state of a common man is never steady or stable. His intellect remains instable. And the mind, due to pre-natal sanskars (impressions) never remains unoccupied or free. The variety of egoism deepens all the more the already deep-rooted impressions
of our mind. The sublimation of all these internal situations is the real achievement of happiness.

The main object of asans is the mutual harmonization of the physical and astral bodies and its functional role starts from the physical. The initial form of Yog is to keep the body in a particular position. The role of asan is also to establish a perfect co- ordination between the body and the mind. That is why asan is described as to stay firm in a comfortable posture.

Our rishis and sages have developed such a system of self-realisation that by following which we can establish a harmony between the body and the mind and thereby realize our inner-consciousness. In the present age Yogasans are seen effectively influencing our life today. Man is living today in a tension-ridden state. Though spending his energy in all kinds of activity, he is totally unfamiliar either with the art of building it up or its presentation. The role of Yog is all the more important in the tense world of today in that it makes man strong, healthy, happy, active and makes him
capable of preserving his energy. From this point of view also the role of Yogasans cannot be over emphasized.

A farmer interested in increasing his produce must save his crops from the wild animals and birds, nay, must provide water and manure to it in order to make it more productive. Likewise a real practitioner of Yog has to be ultracautious and protect himself from such wild animals as black-heartedness, greed, lithargy, cupidity, theft, falsehood and ignorance etc. Using the manure of Asans and the wateror Pranayam he must go on increasing the yield of his crops. This way the progress of the sadhak is

Every living being years for a sound health but can yearning alone ensure a
sound health. Good health necessitates some kind of an effort on our part. It is butnatural to think that we must start the practice of such beneficial exercise as walking, running, wrestling and gymnastics etc. and thereby keep our body in a sound state of health.

Let us understand the difference. Are not those people who, out of their concern for good health, take one or the other kind of exercise better than nothing? With regard to persons who are fond of walking exercise, blood circulation is faster in the lower part of the body due to the greater activity of the feet. Requisite quantity of blood does not reach other parts of the body, particularly those organs that are continuosly involved in action. In case of persons who are taking the exercise of running, there is a great pressure on heart due to the brisk movement of the body. The life-span of such a person is not supposed to be long. Moreover, walking is only beneficial to those person who can walk at least 4 to 5 kilometres. But the requires a lot of time. But how many persons can afford so much of time? As regards gymnastics, full benefits cannot be enjoyed by a person due to the swift movement of the body. Similarly a wrestler who apparently seems to be very robust and healthy, develops rheumatic pain with the passage of time and leaves the ghost groaning and keening. Hence all the exercises
mentioned above lead to stiffness and rigidity in the organs of our body.

So much about the physical body. But all such persons do not get any
opportunity to improve or reform their astral body or what is called the Mind. Moreover, persons who look after only the body have no opportunity of directing their sanskars (impressions) in the right direction. This object is achieved automatically by the Yogasans as they are both scientific and natural. Being the important ladders of Sadhana, they are instrumental in developing our health, beauty, discipline, goodwill, peace of mind and what not.

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