Gurud is a bird. When practising this Asan, one assumes the shape of Gurud. Hence it has been named as Gurudasan

While standing there is perpendicular traction. In this asan the defects of the lower part of the back are removed, such as back ache, slipped disc.

It prevents the enlargemnet of testicles and hernia.

It cures such diseases as rheumatic pains, sciatica, arthines.

Tembling of hands is topped and nervous system is strengthened.

Fatigue caused by long walking and long standing is removed.

It prevants the formation of tumour on the feet.

All disorders connected with the anus and urinary region are rectified.


Stand on your Asan. Raise the right leg in front, move it round the left leg like the curve of a rope. Likewise, take the right hand over the left and curve it round the left hand. Then join the palms of the two hands in front of your nose exhaling, stay in this posture according to your capacity. Press one thigh upon the upon the other as much as you can. Repear the same process with the other hand and foot. The practice of this Asan in either direction should be done at least for one minute daily. There is no need of holding your breath for some days in this beginning.

Point of concentration : swadhishthen Chakra


In comparison with men, this asan is of special importance for women. It is so because it can be easily performed by the fair sex even during the period of pregnancy.

Both the circulation of flood and breathing process function normally in the Asan. It also alleviates the fear of labour pains.

It has a salutary effect on the spine and also dispels the pain in lumbar region.


Join the feet and stand erect. As far as possible, take thhhe right foot behind and raise it as much as one can. Simultaneously, keep the right and raise it upward, with the palm turned towards the earth. The left hand should be stretched towards the sky & keep it close to the ear. Breathing should be normal. Repeap this practice on the other side.

Point of concentration : Swadhishthan Chakra.


Like the crescent of a moon, when the body is twisted left and right and in a circular mobement, it is known as Ardhchandrasan. It is a simple and useful asan for its effectivencess on our abdomen and other parts.

It cures chronic constipation as it exercises a great pressure on both sides of the colon (large intestine)

It strengthens the muscles attached to the spine as well as the nervous system.

It reduces the extra fats gathered on our hips and buttocks due to its impact on our rectum. It broadens the chest.

It also strengthens our knees, muscles and thighs and gives relief from pain.

It is quite helpful in increasing the height of children.


Stand on the asan with heels and fore feet fingers joined together. Raise the hands upwards above the head and join the palms. Inchaling, stretch the arms upward and bend towards the left from the waist according to the capacity Exhaling, return to original position slowly and slowly. Repeat this on the right side. Do not bend forwardin either case.

Point of concentration : Manipur Chakra


Trikon means Triangle In Sanskrit. The posture resembles that of a triangle in this asan. Hense the name

Body becomes light. Spine and its adjoining muscles are strengthened Hands feet, back and neck, all become strong.

Besides gents, the asan is specially useful for ladies.

While strengthening the muscles, it reduces the excess fat accumulated .

It activates all the organs located in the abdominal region.

All deformities of the body are set right

Liver, kidnesy, pancreas and colon – all these organs are equally benefited by this asan.


Stand up on the asan. Keep the feet apart at a distance of two feet. Raise the right hand up, keeping it close to the right ear & while inhaling, stretch it towards the sky. The left hand should be stretched downwards. Exhaling, stretch the left hand slowly towards the ground till the palm touches the earth and rests comfortably on it. The palm of the right hand should be pointed downwards and parallel to the earth. Stay in this pose as per the capacity. Inchaling, return to the original position with ease. Now repeat the same process on the other side also.

Point of concentration : Manipur Chakra



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